Founded in 2012 Boarding Pass Trvls started out as a TV SHOW to introduce audiences from Curacao, Aruba and the Netherlands to other countries, customs and cultures in a comical but still informative manner. Together with the best tour guides, photographers, filmmakers and Tv Hosts, we create an unique travel experience and local adventures that you can do with friends, family or solo. Each trip lets you experience destinations like never before. While you’d get the chance to see each trip beforehand on our local television or on our website. We personalize each trip and take care of all your planning and bookings – accommodation, experiences, transport and a travel guide from the travel bloggers or storyteller. 

Recently, the show is being revamped and the team got bigger consisting of the host which is David Mitchel which also the Founder/Director. Helen which is our Co – Hosts. Andy and Christy which are our tour guides and also a new production team consisting out of two editors and a production coordinator. With all these changes the quality of our product improved significantly.  The show became shorter, but more powerful. Nowadays, every Sunday at 19:30 pm, the show can be seen on television or live on Facebook. The re-run is every Wednesday at 11:30 am. 

Our website aims to sell an experience to our customers. Furthermore, our packages include anything and everything having to do with travel; from information about destinations, roaming charges in the different countries, to airport information and banks in the area, all in one place. 

Our mission is to make your experience a SPECIAL one!